Microsoft Announces Exchange Server 2010 Availability

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Today at the Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009 conference in Germany, Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop announced that Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is now available worldwide to help businesses reduce costs, protect communications and delight e-mail users. Along with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010 is part of a generation of solutions designed for increased business productivity and cost savings.

The latest release of Exchange can help you achieve better business outcomes while controlling the costs of deployment, administration, and compliance. Exchange delivers the widest range of deployment options, integrated information leakage protection, and advanced compliance capabilities, that combine to form the best messaging and collaboration solution available.

Building on investments in Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007, the new Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 helps your IT department achieve new levels of reliability and performance and delight your users by meeting their demands for greater business mobility.

3 ways your mail just got better...


All the messaging functionality you need, hosted elsewhere securely. Your mail workload should feel lighter already.

Voice Mail

Improved “inbox” thinking with your voice mail and e-mail now all going into the one box. Now you can manage both from a single platform.

Archiving and Retention

The amount of information that travels into, throughout and even out of your network is unbelievable – and often “unmanageable”. Take control with Exchange Server 2010.

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