Changes in Functionality from Windows Server 2003 with SP1 to Windows Server 2008

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This document describes new features and technologies, which were not available in Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1), that will help to increase the security of computers running Windows Server 2008, increase productivity, and reduce administrative overhead.
These topics apply to the next release of Windows Server 2008, based on the functionality expected to be included in the Beta releases in 2007. They do not describe all of the changes that are included in Windows Server 2008. Instead, they highlight changes that will potentially have the greatest impact on your use of Windows Server 2008 and provide references to additional information.


· Changes in Functionality from Windows Server 2003 with SP1 to Windows Server 2008

· Server Manager

· Server Core Installation Option

· Active Directory Certificate Services Role

· Cryptography Next Generation

· AD CS: Online Certificate Status Protocol Support

· AD CS: Network Device Enrollment Service

· AD CS: Web Enrollment

· AD CS: Policy Settings

· AD CS: Restricted Enrollment Agent

· AD CS: Enterprise PKI (PKIView)

· Active Directory Domain Services Role

· AD DS: Auditing

· AD DS: Fine-Grained Password Policies

· AD DS: Read-Only Domain Controllers

· AD DS: Restartable Active Directory Domain Services

· AD DS: Database Mounting Tool

· AD DS: User Interface Improvements

· Active Directory Federation Services Role

· Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Role

· Active Directory Rights Management Services Role

· Application Server Role

· DNS Server Role

· Fax Server Role

· File Services Role

· Distributed File System

· File Server Resource Manager

· Windows Server Backup

· Services for Network File System

· Storage Manager for SANs

· Transactional NTFS

· Self-Healing NTFS

· Symbolic Linking

· Network Policy and Access Services Role

· Network Access Protection

· Network Policy Server

· Routing and Remote Access Service

· Print Services Role

· Streaming Media Services Role

· Terminal Services Role

· Terminal Services Core Functionality

· Terminal Services Printing

· TS RemoteApp

· TS Web Access

· TS Licensing

· TS Gateway

· TS Session Broker

· Terminal Services and Windows System Resource Manager

· Virtualization Role

· Web Server (IIS) Role

· Windows Deployment Services Role

· Security Features

· Authorization Manager

· BitLocker Drive Encryption

· Encrypting File System

· Security Configuration Wizard

· User Account Control

· Other Features

· Failover Clustering

· Group Policy

· Network Load Balancing Improvements

· Next Generation TCP/IP Protocols and Networking Components

· Volume Activation 2.0

· Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

· Windows PowerShell

· Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor

· Windows Server Troubleshooting Documentation

· 802.1X Authenticated Wired and Wireless Access


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