Exchange 2007 Disaster Recovery Decisions flowcharts

Hi All,

The exchange team has put together the following flowcharts that show the likely processes and decision making flow that might be involved in certain disaster recovery situations based on a CCR Exchange 2007 design.

These decision matrices do not provide the definitive answer and there are often numerous possible recovery paths in any given Disaster Recovery scenario. However they do highlight the decisions that are likely to be made and the importance of understanding what the processes an administrator might have to follow to recover service and data to their user community.

Scenarios include:

· Recovering from total physical site failure.

· Recovering from single server failure.

· Recovering from single active database failure.

The flowcharts are available as a download for you to print in full resolution if you wish to do so. To get the ZIP file with XPS and PDF version of those charts, please go here.


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