Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0-Simplifying IT Service Management

Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0.

This new version of MOF has been extended to include best practice guidance for additional phases and activities of the IT Service lifecycle including those all important “pre-production” phases where risks and issues can be identified and eliminated before they have a chance to negatively impact the quality of your production IT Services.

Below is the new MOF 4.0 graphic depicting the 4 Phases (Plan, Deliver, Operate and Manage), 16 Service Management Functions (SMFs) and 6 Management Review points.

MOF 4.0 applies service management concepts to the tasks and challenges IT professionals face every day. The guidance it provides puts IT pros in the spotlight—it speaks to their needs and provides them with job aids to help them make sound decisions. MOF 4.0 features guidance specifically written to help CIOs, IT directors, IT managers, and IT professionals at all levels plan, deliver, operate, and manage IT services across the lifecycle.

In version 4.0, MOF introduces a new structure that puts emphasis on outcomes, results, and roles in a format that’s easy to reference. Because every group, team, and company is unique, the service management functions (SMFs) in MOF 4.0 are anchored by questions that support the decision-making process within an organization. This new, streamlined approach makes it possible to use either the entire framework or just one component of the framework to solve a particular problem.

The practical guidance in MOF 4.0 features processes; governance, risk, and compliance activities; management reviews; and best practices from Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF). Finally, to ensure industry alignment, MOF 4.0 supports the best practices found in frameworks such as ITIL, CoBIT, and ISO 20000.

The new release of MOF offers concise, practical guidance across the IT lifecycle, but it doesn’t stop there. Another very important element of version 4.0 is our online community: a platform where IT professionals can contribute their own timely, relevant recommendations for achieving reliable, cost-effective IT services…and benefit from the contributions of their peers.

What To Do Next

Download MOF 4.0 now at, then join the online MOF community. See what you can contribute—and what you can gain—by participating in forums and blogs, providing feedback, and supporting other IT professionals.


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