BizTalk Server Best Practices Analyzer v1.1 has shipped!

Hi All,

The BizTalk Server Best Practices Analyzer performs configuration-level verification by reading and reporting only. The Best Practices Analyzer gathers data from

different information sources, such as Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes, SQL Server databases, and registry entries. The Best Practices Analyzer uses the data to evaluate the deployment configuration. The Best Practices Analyzer does not modify any system settings, and is not a self-tuning tool.

What’s new:

The followings rules are relevant to the current PSS Top Issues in the area of Orchestration, Configuration and SQL/DTC. Even though BizTalk BPA is only one of the solutions that can help to resolve the Top Issues, having these rules shows a step to the right direction. We have doubled the rules. V1.0 has 77 rules, v1.1 has 220 with 143 new rules added! 

Here are some rules that are relevant to PSS Top Issues:

  1. Added a warning rule for stopped orchestrations
  2. a check on MaxLogSize MSDTC
  3. Verify that TempDB and BizTalkMsgBoxDb data and log files are placed on separate drives
  4. Check that the Max Degree of Parallelism setting is set to 0 in all other BizTalk databases
  5. Verify that the MaxWorkerThreads in the SQL Server UMS configuration setting is set to XXX
  6. Check that the Maximum Server Memory is set to XXX GB
  7. System Time Diff between SQL and BizTalk Machines
  8. Orphaned SPIDs
  9. SQL Server Service Pack Installed for DB : xxxxxx
  10. Ignore Duplicate Key check
  11. Check Biztalk SQL Server JObs running or not

Where to Download:

Microsoft BizTalk Server Operations Guide


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