Microsoft Virtualization Support Policy

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In response to industry and customer demands for more comprehensive technical support of virtual machines, Microsoft has announced the Server Virtualization Validation Program. Beginning in June 2008, 3rd party vendors will be able to self-test and validate certain technical requirements of their server virtualization software running Windows Server 2008 and prior versions. The program will enable Microsoft to offer cooperative technical support to customers running Windows Server on validated, non-Windows server virtualization software.

Virtual Iron is the first company to announce intentions to join the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program:


You can read the entire press release on Windows Server 2008 pricing, packaging, and licensing here:


Additionally, Microsoft has updated its support policies for non-Microsoft virtualization platforms as detailed in:


Support policy for Microsoft software running in non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software


Microsoft will jointly support certain non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software from vendors with which Microsoft has established a support relationship that covers virtualization solutions. This joint support will include coordinating with the vendor to investigate support issues. As part of the investigation, Microsoft may require the issue to be reproduced independently from the non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software. Where issues are confirmed to be unrelated to the non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software, Microsoft will support its software in a manner that is consistent with support provided when that software is not running together with non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software.


For more information about third-party vendors who will support virtualization software, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:


Support partners for non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software



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