New Sysinterals Utilities released

Hi All,

PsExec v1.90: This version of PsExec, a command-line tool for executing programs locally and remotely, significantly improves handling of arguments passed to the specified application by not modifying spacing or quotation marks. It also fixes a number of minor bugs, including ones related to running programs in alternate terminal server sessions.

Process Explorer v11.04: This update fixes a memory leak in the threads tab.

ADExplorer v1.01: This release of ADExplorer, an Active Directory browser/editor, fixes a number of minor issues.

DebugView v4.72: DebugView, a real-time debug output monitor, has several minor bug fixes.

Process Monitor v1.26: This release of Process Monitor contains minor bug fixes.

BgInfo v4.12: Improved reporting of CPU cores and logical processors for multi-core and multi-proc machines.

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