Security Bulletins/Vulnerabilities Since 2001

This version has been updated to encompass all of the security fixes through to MS04-038 since 2001.This is broken down by Security Bulletin number, Title, Original Release Date,  Severity of issue, If it Superceeds a previous bulletin and the product/s affected. Available for download from here.


Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Resource Kit & Virtual PC 2004 SP1 Released

The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Resource Kit consists of tools that can be categorized into the following categories:   ·        Management Pack Toolkit: Helps you create, test, deploy, customize, maintain and troubleshoot management packs.     • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Wizard: Creates a management pack to monitor business processes. By leveraging the BAM components of BizTalk…


Server Stress Tools

SQL I/O Stress Tool Here is the link where you can download the SQLIOStress utility. The download has a 47-page white paper. This utility will simulate SQL Server disk I/O activity. You can use it to stress out the disk subsystem prior to the migration. You should add the -H option to the defaults to test more heavily stale reads.;en-us;231619 Exchange I/O Stress Tools…