Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

This spreadsheet lists the full set of Group Policy settings described in Administrative Template (.adm) files that shipped with Windows XP SP2. This includes all policy settings supported on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003, Windows XP Professional with SP2 or earlier service packs, and Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or earlier service packs. The spreadsheet includes separate worksheets for each of the .adm files that shipped in Windows XP SP2 , a consolidated worksheet for easy searching, and an Update History worksheet that lists policy settings that have been added since the Windows Server 2003 operating systems were released. Using column filters, you can easily filter the information in the spreadsheet by operating system, component, or machine/user configuration. You can also search for information by using text or keywords. Note: This page will be updated with the latest .adm files associated with pre-release or beta versions of the Windows operating system.

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