Live Communications Server 2005 with Windows Messenger 5.1

We had query from a customer on how to disable video and voice on Windows Messenger via SIP to Live Communications Server – Details below: – Here are our Registry Keys that we use. ::============================================================ ::===============   REGISTRY ENTRY POINTS   ================== ::============================================================               RegKey_C=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Messenger\Client           RegKey_C_Key=DisableCollaborationApps          RegKey_C_Desc=Disable Collab [0=Enable, 1=Disable]              :      RegKey_C_FullDesc=Disables Access to…


Smartphone error when connecting to USB cable

Do you get this error when syncing your smartphone from a USB cable? “Unable to connect using your default connection. Attempt a connection using Pass through connection instead?” To resolve this error -> Click on Start/Settings/More/Data Connections and set the Internet Connection to Automatic.


New version of lookout

Lookout is lightning-fast search for your email, files, and desktop works with Microsoft Outlook®. Built on top of a powerful search engine, Lookout is the only personal search engine that can search all of your email from directly within Outlook – in seconds…You can use Lookout to search your: Email messages Contacts, calendar, notes, tasks,…


Security Bulletins/Vulnerabilities Since 2001

This version has been updated to encompass all of the security fixes through to MS04-038 since 2001.This is broken down by Security Bulletin number, Title, Original Release Date,  Severity of issue, If it Superceeds a previous bulletin and the product/s affected. Available for download from here.


Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Resource Kit & Virtual PC 2004 SP1 Released

The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Resource Kit consists of tools that can be categorized into the following categories:   ·        Management Pack Toolkit: Helps you create, test, deploy, customize, maintain and troubleshoot management packs.     • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Wizard: Creates a management pack to monitor business processes. By leveraging the BAM components of BizTalk…


Server Stress Tools

SQL I/O Stress Tool Here is the link where you can download the SQLIOStress utility. The download has a 47-page white paper. This utility will simulate SQL Server disk I/O activity. You can use it to stress out the disk subsystem prior to the migration. You should add the -H option to the defaults to test more heavily stale reads.;en-us;231619 Exchange I/O Stress Tools…


Microsoft Introduces Data Protection Server

Industry Partners Demonstrate Broad Support for Microsoft Data Protection Server To Provide Customers With Rapid and Reliable Disk-Based Data Recovery At the Storage Decisions 2004 conference, Microsoft Corp. announced it is entering the disk-based backup and recovery industry with Microsoft® Data Protection Server (DPS), a low-cost, continuous, disk-based backup and recovery solution. Designed to address…


Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit Beta

Overview You can use the beta version of VSMT to create images of physical computers and deploy them in virtual machines running on Virtual Server 2005. With VSMT, you can migrate source computers running the following operating systems to virtual machines in Virtual Server 2005: • Windows NT 4.0 Server with Service Pack (SP) 6a,…


Controlling block storage devices on USB buses

What does controlling block storage devices on USB buses do? This feature provides the ability to set a registry key that will prevent write operations to USB block storage devices, such as memory sticks. When this registry key is enabled, the devices function only as read-only devices. You can implement this setting as part of…

Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

This spreadsheet lists the full set of Group Policy settings described in Administrative Template (.adm) files that shipped with Windows XP SP2. This includes all policy settings supported on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003, Windows XP Professional with SP2 or earlier service packs, and Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or…