How does Silverlight compatibility work?

Compatibility is extremely important to Silverlight, so how exactly do we achieve it?  Before we get into that, we need to take a moment to define different types of compatibility. The most important is application compat — if you have a xap written for SL2, it should run unchanged when you run it with the…


Silverlight security overview paper has been officially published Security Overview.docx  (The content hasn’t changed since RC but the formatting & presentation has undergone a facelift courtesy John Allwright) A little background for those who haven’t read the previous versions… There’s a lot of information in MSDN about Silverlight security, but it’s hard to know where to start sometimes. This document tries to…


Updated security overview for Silverlight 4 RC

[Update: This paper has been published as the Silverlight Security Overview. -Nick] I updated the white security overview white paper for the Silverlight 4 RC release. Biggest change was I’ve added a section on security recommendations for trusted apps. Other than that it was fairly minor edits, a typo here (eg. Assembly.Load -> AssemblyPart.Load), a rephrase there……


Silverlight 4 RC API listing in one big text file

Here’s the API listing for the Silverlight 4 release candidate (RC).  I included mscorlib.dll this time, as well as a couple DLLs I forgot the last time. For more details about these API listings, see an earlier post. Silverlight-v4rc-all.txt


Silverlight 3 API listing in one big text file

One of the things we do to keep API quality high in Silverlight is to periodically dump the complete public API set to a text file & run a diff against previous versions to see what’s changed. Figured these “txref” files might be of use to someone else as well.  Two caveats — the printout…