A threading white paper

Tyler and I have been working on a white paper about threading for a long time now, figured I should try out the blog's new "attachments" feature and share a draft of it with you so you don't need to wait for the next CTP. 

One major caveat -- the sample code is ancient and won't work in current builds.  The threading APIs haven't changed for more than a year, but other random bits of code we used to build complete samples have changed -- we'll get that fixed for the final version of the paper.

Threading White Paper.doc

Comments (6)

  1. mihailik says:

    Wow! So interesting, Nick, thank you very much!

  2. Модель потоков в WPF достаточно "вычурная". И долгое время о ней почти не было о

  3. hkai says:

    So MS is now recommending using the "dispatcher" in stead of actually having the developer needed to hand-code threading, but at the same time able to take advantage of multi-core hardware ?

  4. Nick Kramer says:

    hkai — Posting background items to the dispatcher is a great alternative to threading, IF the reason you’re considering threading is UI responsiveness.  But it’s not a multithreaded approach so it won’t take advantage of multiple processors.  

  5. I Got Rhythm says:

    WPF, like most UI frameworks, runs in a single thread. That’s why if you do background work, and want

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