Versioning WPF

Versioning is a fascinating topic to me because it’s such a hard problem. The goal is to ensure a high level of compatibility without sacrificing the ability to innovate. There’s two major strategies — “roll forward”, where old programs always use the latest version of WPF, and “side-by-side”, where multiple versions of WPF can coexist on…


Writing a designer tool

Brian Pepin has started blogging about the architecture of the Cider designer for WPF.  Good stuff!


Conferences past and future

Videos for my interop presentation at the PDC have been posted.  Actually, they posted everyone’s presentation, not just mine <g>, see Mike Swanson’s blog for more details I’ve also just confirmed that I’m going be at Borland’s DevCon this year, representing WPF.  I’ll be joining Rob Relyea, who’s giving an overview talk about WPF — let me know…


Language design for fun and profit

I’ve always been into (programming) language design, ever since I was involved in the Dylan programming language (an effort to bring the power of Common Lisp to a mainstream audience).  In recent years, language design has been more of a hobby for me than a work-related thing, but this month a couple different language issues have converged…