PDC is getting close!

So we're only five working days away from the PDC (at least in the U.S., Monday is a holiday) -- we are in the homestretch!  I now have an official code for my presentation:

PRS313 Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon"): Integrating with Your Win32/MFC Application
Day/Time: Wednesday, September 14 5:00 PM- 6:15 PM Room: 409 AB
Speaker(s): Nick Kramer
Session Type(s): Breakout
Session Level(s): 300
Track(s): Presentation

Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly codename "Avalon") is great for writing a completely new application, but what if you have an existing Win32/MFC code base? Learn how you can create mixed Win32-Windows Presentation Foundation applications, both by putting Windows Presentation Foundation content inside of Win32 HWNDs and by putting HWNDs inside Windows Presentation Foundation content. See how to integrate Windows Presentation Foundation into your DirectX applications (by using DirectX on an HWND).  A related talk is PRS321, which covers combining WPF with Windows Forms and ActiveX.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on what I should cover, the slides are pretty much final at this point but I can spend more or less time talking to various parts.  I have examples of both hwnds inside WPF and WPF inside hwnds (using both Win32 and DirectX).  And the big example is an MFC app containing some WPF, using data binding and MFC's document/view separation.  It's looking like I won't have time to cover integrating commanding between WPF and MFC, so I may just have to blog that.

There's also going to be a hands-on lab that covers both WPF-hwnd interop and WPF-Windows Forms interop.  I haven't had a chance yet to try out that lab, but I know that lab uses some of the same samples that I'm using onstage so you'll get a great opportunity to really try some of this stuff out.

This year I planned ahead and tried to see the talks I'm interested in before I get to L.A., so I can spend more time at the PDC hanging out at the booths and hands-on labs.  Stop by and say hello, it's always nice to put a name to a face.

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