hwnd interop commentary

Couple notes about where this series is going:

  • part 1 was an introduction to the topic

  • part 2 is about airspace and what can and can't be done visually.  The final paper will include some stuff about layered windows, I had some material written but I decided what I have on the blog is better: http://blogs.msdn.com/nickkramer/archive/2005/06/24/432517.aspx

  • part 3 is a how-to demonstration about HwndSource

  • part 4 is a how-to demonstration about HwndHost

  • parts 5 and 6 are a bit more speculative, I haven't even begun to write the sections, and it's low priority than the other sections so they may or may not get done anytime soon.  But I was thinking about doing a part on IKeyboardInputSink (solves some ActiveX-like problems with tabbing, mnemonics, and accelerators), and a part on MFC-specific topics and examples (since the rest of the paper is really pure Win32).

Again, your feedback appreciated -- I haven't heard a lot on this blog or on the newsgroups about hwnd interop, so I would love to hear from the silent majority out there what you're doing or would like to do with hwnd interop, and help us to target this technology towards what you need most.

Also, I figured out a way to post pictures on the blog, borrowing a trick from John Gosman and using Photobucket.  Overall, it's a fairly painful process, so I'm not likely to post all that many pictures...

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