What do you want to hear about?

I can ramble on about whatever is on my mind, but I prefer to talk about things that people are actually interested in.  Any suggestions?  I'd prefer to stick to stuff I actually work on -- e.g., interop with WinForms and Win32/hwnds, input, commanding, threading & queuing, dependency properties and routed events, styling and templating, parsing and serialization, xaml format, resources, Avalon and USER/GDI -- but if there's enough interest on something else, I can try to accommodate.

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  1. Michael Latta says:

    I would like to see how to use commands to implement undo/redo on Avalon controls/framework elements. How would I intercept or listen for change notifications that allow me to undo/redo changes to the element hierarchy, and how would I batch them up into user understandable batches of changes, with animated undo/redo? Is there any framework in Avalon for undo/redo as there is in Cocoa?

  2. Konstantin Gonikman says:

    (one of) the most cool features of avalon is 3D, so it would be interestning to know more about internals of viewport3d and related objects

  3. Tell please about dependency properties infrastructure.

    Other very interesting area is implementation of Avalon/DirectX architecture: what goes in kernel and what are the subject of new DirectX 10 changes?

    And also a little additional question on transparency: will Longhorn window manager supports full per-pixel alpha capabilities of top-level windows? What is that window manager at all?

    P.S. Your blog is really great source of information. Thank you, Nick.

  4. Dan says:

    Can you tell us about threading in detail? Chris Brumme said that you guys are planning to remove STA from the platform. Now it looks like Avalon is based on STA. Is there any improvement to STA?

  5. I’d be curious to know what sort threading improvements have been made/planned for Avalon. Currently we have to call Control.Invoke or Control.BeginInvoke to execute code on the UI thread from a seperate thread. Total pain, source of a lot of bugs in our code.

    What improvements, if any, are there in Avalon? What can I expect to do with an avalon "control" from a thread other than the UI thread? I assume touching an Avalon control from a thread other than the UI thread is disallowed, not thread-safe by default?

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