Bad install of WPF?

Magnus Hiie reported an interesting problem that some of you may be hitting (thanks Magnus!).  He saw System.Windows.Serialization.BamlParseException occurredMessage=”Error at element ‘StaticExtension’ in markup file ” : Binary format of the specified custom attribute was invalid..” on pretty much every xaml file he tried to load.  Problem is that the machine has an assembly in…


Support for layered windows

One piece of feedback we’ve heard loud and clear is that you want layered windows.  Well, I’m happy to announce that based on your feedback, we now plan to officially support layered windows in WPF 1.0, coming to a future CTP near you (not necessarily the next CTP, though, it will be the next CTP…


Tricks and tips

IsHitTestVisible – want to draw something on the screen, but have the mouse input pass right through that drawing?  Then set IsHitTestVisible=”false” on it. Disabling default styling — Controls actually have two styles for looking up its values – the one specified by Control.Style and the one in the theme.  To ignore the theme style,…


If xaml is so easy, why is code so hard?

Charles Petzold has written a couple good posts about the relationship between code and xaml, and asks, “Why is something that is so easy to do in XAML so clumsy to do in code?” Obviously, WPF code is not always clumsy.  But where it is, there’s usually three factors at play.  The first is that…


How to sell your boss on WPF

One of the questions I’ve heard a number of times is, “I really want to use WPF, how can I convince my boss?”  I’ve generally shied away from answering, since there’s a lot of factors specific to your situation that I don’t know.  What kind of business are you in?  What’s your boss like?  What’s…


Back from Borcon 2005

I’m back, it was a short trip but I had a lot of fun talking to people, learning what they are doing with Windows, and yes, learning more about Borland and Delphi.  I also learned a bit more about Borland’s current thinking around WPF — none of this is set in stone, and in any…


Delphi TControls are hwnds, too

Borland devcon starts Tuesday, so with that in mind I figured what can be more fun than putting WPF inside a Delphi application?  Turns out this is both really easy and really difficult.  The easy part is that hwnds are hwnds are hwnds, so Delphi hwnds get along just fine with WPF HwndSource.  There’s more…


Versioning and plug-ins

Wow, quite a response to that last post!  And I was worried that nobody would read it… PatriotB pointed out that role-forward is the only option if you support [in-process] plug-ins.  Plug-ins are another interesting topic; here, I think the long-term direction is clearer, even though there are serious short-term questions.  Long-term, consensus seems to be we…


Versioning WPF

Versioning is a fascinating topic to me because it’s such a hard problem. The goal is to ensure a high level of compatibility without sacrificing the ability to innovate. There’s two major strategies — “roll forward”, where old programs always use the latest version of WPF, and “side-by-side”, where multiple versions of WPF can coexist on…


Writing a designer tool

Brian Pepin has started blogging about the architecture of the Cider designer for WPF.  Good stuff!