IIS7.x, Server Farms and Ruby

(Caution: Ruby application names are as prolific, esoteric and funny as Microsoft code names) The previous post (broadly) demonstrated how to use a combination of URL Rewrite and FastCGI to put a Ruby on Rails application on IIS7.5. As Rails, Merb (which I am reliably informed is what all the cool kids use today) and…


Windows 7, IIS 7.5 and Ruby on Rails

Having spent the weekend working on Ruby on Rails with IIS/SQLServer 2008 Express backend via FastCGI, here are some tips to get you going: The best resource is Ruslan’s post on Rails and IIS7. In fact, go and bookmark this site right now. In Ruslan’s post, the web.config shown is best edited in a text…


Demos and Links from Edge of the Web, Nov’08 Perth

During the 50 minutes of presentation (including at least 9 ICHC images), I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Web Standards Live Mesh Mobile : take photo to mesh on laptop MacOS X 10.5 client available too [not demo’d] DataModelBrowser to apis.mesh.com; showing REST/JSON/APP…


Microsoft, Open Source and IronRuby

John Lam is interviewed by James Turner at OSCON 2008. To understand the interface between Microsoft and Open source, this is an excellent overview. With some Ruby stuff duck-typed in there, too