Kiwi Pycon 2010 Presentation Notes

In the time given at Kiwi Pycon 2010, I managed to traverse a wide range of topics related to Microsoft and Python (by IronPython and CPython) MACROPOINT, the 2447th presentation tool written in Python using HTML5, SVG and Python in the browser IronPython Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Interactive IronPython console in a browser A…


Updating Tomáš Matoušek’s repl.rb & adding

In April 2009, Tomáš Matoušek created a nifty IronRuby script that demonstrated the sharing of ScriptScopes in the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). The examples on Tomáš’ blog post still work. The script is like the movie Inception, with languages within languages; but at its core shows how the DLR permits object sharing between languages within…



Winning pitch at Sydney Amped. won the Amped Sydney 2010 one day hack-a-thon. The video above is the team’s presentation; an interview in episode 49 of the Frankly Speaking podcast is also worth a listen. Tatham Oddie, Brendan Forster & Aaron Powell – are the team members you see on stage and have done…


Notes on OData–TechEd Australia feed

One of the consistent pieces of feedback from our Australian TechEd attendees is “the schedule builder is difficult to navigate” Solution 1: Pivot Rob Farley, of Lobster Pot Solutions in Adelaide used Live Labs Silverlight Pivot to create a Session Browser view. According to Rob, he screen-scraped the data. Viewing complex data sets, such as…


The Iron Languages Podcast: Go Listen!

New podcast off the rank is the Iron Languages podcast. Thanks to Will Green and Mike Hall. Go listen.


Adding (DLR) Scripting to a Desktop Application

Want to Learn More? I highly recommend Michael Foord’s book, IronPython in Action. I have blogged about MahTweets a couple of times: The long search for the perfect WPF Twitter Client. Over. and MahTweets goes 2.7. MahTweets is a MS-PL open source social media client, created using MEF and WPF, based on .NET 4.0. MahTweets…


Having fun with HTML5, Script/Python & SVG

As a fan of SVG since 2000, it is great to seeing SVG make it big again in HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9. For my Pycon-Australia keynote on the weekend, I decided to mashup Python & SVG. You know, it is one of those thing you think of in the shower, then take 2 days…


Sydney PHP Users Group, June 2010

Another great night at the Sydney PHP User’s group. It was an interesting update of the trajectory Microsoft & PHP has plotted since my last presentation in September 2008 (with Jorke Odolphi) As promised, URLs and references. Thanks to Mark Brown and Ruslan for their slides with performance stats. Linkage here. There is also a…


Random Email Poster Child for US TechEd 2010

Not only has New Orleans won the Super Bowl, it is hosting North America TechEd 2010. It seems the TechEd marketing team had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a post-boy for their email signature campaign. That is, they found an obscure Australian TechEd 2008 photo and ‘shopped me in: I am…


JDBC to SQL Azure

Using the open source jTDS JDBC Driver, you can connect to SQL Azure.   Driver class name: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver Database URL: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<server><databasename>;ssl=require Username: (in the form username@server from SQL Azure)   The key thing is the “ssl=require” placed at the end of the connection string. SQL Azure SSL encrypts the data on the wire, and requires…