Editing CSS in Internet Explorer 8

A question from a recent workshop given by my colleague in evangelism, Delicategenius (please note: I was merely the apprentice to the sorcerer in this workshop)

Q: How do you add elements and attributes in the CSS/Developer Tools of Internet Explorer 8?

As we have seen in a previous post, it is possible to in-line edit elements to tweak a layout. Sometimes, you need to do more to get your design into shape.

Step 1:

CSS Edit 1

By default, the Developer Tools shows a HTML display view. Click on the CSS tab on the left

Step 2:

CSS Edit 2

Adding an Attribute to a rule is simple: right click on the rule name, and select “Add Attribute”. Type the attribute and colon, just as you would in a text editor

Step 3:

CSS Edit 3

Similarly, adding a rule allows you to add another CSS rule such as “BODY P” or similar. Using Step 2 above, you can add Attributes to this rule.

CSS Edit 4

Clicking the disk icon (Save) will save the results of your hard work, so you can reincorporate into your web site.

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