Dynamic Language Runtime 0.9 and IronPython 2.0

Over on codeplex, the smart team behind the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) and IronPython have released code. IronPython 2.0 is built on top of the DLR. This means that IronPython can run in Silverlight. Which tickles me. DLR 0.9: implements a language on .NET using the DLR adds dynamic features to their existing language like…


PHP on Windows

Do you use PHP on Windows? Love to hear your stories. Comment here or email me at nhodge@microsoft.com and I will send you a special postcard from Australia!


Open Source Developer Conference, Sydney, 2008

During the 30 minutes of presentation, I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Open source licensing and giving back ASP.NET MVC on Stackoverflow.com: licensed via MS-PL Codeplex.com; the main, but not only, Microsoft repository of our open source bits and source Oomph: Microformats toolkit…