Microformats Toolkit: Oomph

Oomph Microformat Toolkit

John Allsopp, Mr Microformats, has posted a new article on visitmix.com: The Quiet Revolution.

The highlighted area in yellow above shows that my personal blog has two embedded microformats.

Having known John Allsopp for many years, and a recent purchaser of his Microformats book: to see his inspiration for this project is way amazing.

Microsoft, more than talking about Microformats, has released a Toolkit available for download now: named Oomph. Comprising an Internet Explorer Addin, HTML overlay built using jQuery, CSS styles and a Windows LiveWriter plugin: the kit takes Microformats from the world of theory into practical use.

Using jQuery, and source code published on Codeplex.com under the Ms-PL; (Microsoft Public License)

Go get it. Get micro now.

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