Vista as my PHP Developer Workstation


Prior to joining Microsoft, I always setup my Windows laptop as a PHP/Apache development workstation. Having created my own content management system in PHP (and who hasn’t!) – having a remote development copy is critical.

Over the last few weeks, I have installed the following onto my Vista Ultimate 64-bit laptop and home workstation:

  1. install IIS7 web server, with the CGI support (note: a version of IIS7 supplied with Vista SP1)

  2. Install Thread-safe PHP from

  3. Using the IIS Manager, and module remap .php extensions to the

  4. Install php_sqlsrv_ts.dll which is a part of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP, modify the php.ini to launch/activate the extension [see comments below]

  5. The following change in the php.ini is also important in an IIS installation

    ; Set to 1 if running under IIS.  Default is zero.
    ; fastcgi.impersonate = 1;

  6. Restart the IIS

  7. Reading the I also updated FastCGI (fixes REQUEST_URI)

Development Environments

Everyone has their favourite development environment. I do have Notepad++ installed, and often just resort to Notepad. As I am from Microsoft, I have access to Visual Studio. Searching out for a Visual Studio plugin: I am currently trialling vs.php (Visual Studio PHP;

Comments (3)

  1. Trevor says:

    You should be using the Non-Thread Safe version of PHP if you’re going to be using FastCGI.

  2. @Trevor– good call.

    as per

    "It is recommended to use a non-thread safe build of PHP with IIS 7.0 FastCGI. Non-thread safe build of PHP provides significant performance gains over the standard build by not doing any thread-safety checks, which are not necessary, since FastCGI ensures a single threaded execution environment."

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