I LOL everytime I see “M$”

A common internet and twitter shorthand for Microsoft is MS.

Not-so-Microsoft friendly people use “M$”

I just have a good laugh. I remember the days when one used the dollar-sign to denote the variable as a string type:

M$ = "Microsoft"

or in other words, the variable M is a string of value “Microsoft”

Thankfully, most modern languages (even those from Microsoft) no longer use this programming language mnemonic (or what is formally known as postfix sigils)


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  1. Heh!

    Some of my earliest adventures in programming were using Microsoft BASIC on the System-80, a clone of the venerable TRS-80.

    One of my favourite books was James Farvour’s "Microsoft Basic Decoded & Other Mysteries" which included a complete <strong>commented</strong> disassembley of the ROM, as well as documentation on the internal data structures and many useful subroutines. There was even a chapter on how to hook your own verbs into the interpreter.

    Remind me to dig it out sometime and reminisce at length…



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