Dynamic Language Runtime 0.9 and IronPython 2.0

Over on codeplex, the smart team behind the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) and IronPython have released code. IronPython 2.0 is built on top of the DLR. This means that IronPython can run in Silverlight. Which tickles me. DLR 0.9: implements a language on .NET using the DLR adds dynamic features to their existing language like…


PHP on Windows

Do you use PHP on Windows? Love to hear your stories. Comment here or email me at nhodge@microsoft.com and I will send you a special postcard from Australia!


Open Source Developer Conference, Sydney, 2008

During the 30 minutes of presentation, I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Open source licensing and giving back ASP.NET MVC on Stackoverflow.com: licensed via MS-PL Codeplex.com; the main, but not only, Microsoft repository of our open source bits and source Oomph: Microformats toolkit…


IronPython + F# + Parallel + Async = A Kittehz Brekfst

more animals As per the image above, cats and threads do no mix. Python and threads may not mix, either. Whilst thread-safety, dead-locks, queues and other nasties are nasty, Microsoft sees the world of n-cores as a software problem to be solved, not ignored. Both at a low-level and a high-level, well constructed and debugged…


F#: Perth .NET User’s Group

Thanks to Mitch Wheat for inviting me to talk, and letting me choose the topic: F#. Also a major thanks to both Joel Pobar (for callvirt, around all things dynamic and functional spin) and SecretGeek (for slides and some helper starter scripts) There was also a callout to Paul Stovell: “F# is Overhyped” as I…


Demos and Links from Edge of the Web, Nov’08 Perth

During the 50 minutes of presentation (including at least 9 ICHC images), I demonstrated the following bits and pieces of open source and or free Microsoft bits. Demo set 1: Web Standards Live Mesh Mobile : take photo to mesh on laptop MacOS X 10.5 client available too [not demo’d] DataModelBrowser to apis.mesh.com; showing REST/JSON/APP…


Microformats Toolkit: Oomph

John Allsopp, Mr Microformats, has posted a new article on visitmix.com: The Quiet Revolution. The highlighted area in yellow above shows that my personal blog has two embedded microformats. Having known John Allsopp for many years, and a recent purchaser of his Microformats book: to see his inspiration for this project is way amazing. Microsoft,…


Hidden in the Mists of the Forest

Hidden in the mists of the autumnal forests (northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere it is springtime!) Microsoft opened a new door to interesting Opensource-web things: http://www.microsoft.com/web/content.aspx?id=microsoft-introduces-installers-for-open-source-apps http://www.microsoft.com/web is bookmark worthy. The world has dramatically changed, and Microsoft moves along with the times. Seasons change.


Where to Start With F#

Robert Pickering, the author of “Foundations of F#” hosts an informative wiki; an excellent place to start.