My AppWeek 2010

As Shawn blogged yesterday, we wrapped up AppWeek last week and got to see a lot of cool games from the team. I put in a bit of overtime on my game and ended up with a split-screen first person shooter on PC and Xbox 360 and a single-player tech demo of it on Windows Phone 7. Here are a couple screenshots so you know what I’m talking about.



I’m hoping to do a couple of blog posts about creating the levels and the game, including how to plan for split screen and porting to Windows Phone. It’s by no means going to be “Build an FPS in 21 Days”, but I’m hoping to toss out a few nuggets of information that will help others as they look to build games using XNA Game Studio 4.0.

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  1. Andy P says:

    If you do write about planning for splitscreen, I'd be all ears (aha!) to learn what you did about audio. The restriction in XACT to a single listener is a joke (and I know from a previous life that the full XDK allows XACT and XAudio to combine to remove this draconian restriction and allow multiple listeners, and multiple sound sources for a single cue come to that, so why is it so limited in XNA?).

    Did you really try to work out which "fake" listener was closest to every single sound source, then transform the sound source with respect to the "true" listener? That seems the only reasonable solution, and even then it will sound bad as the players move around. (To put it another way: please get someone on the XNA team to actually do some work on audio, there's more to game programming than shaders!)

    Looking forward to these posts!

  2. NickGravelyn says:

    The audio isn't positional; it doesn't really make sense for split screen since there's no way to really discern the differences when you have four people running around shooting guns. Additionally, the game doesn't use XACT because XACT doesn't work on Windows Phone, so instead I was using the SoundEffect APIs for my audio.

  3. Orhan KALAYCI says:

    Hey Nick,

    Using Xna 3D Word Studio Content Pipeline I Think, Have you discovered something wrong about lightmaps?

    (This one:

    Red channel draws blue light, and Blue channel draws Red light.

    Have you fixed that ?

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