Extra Resiliency Options, a Name Change and a Price Drop for Microsoft Azure

Out with the old and in with the new First up, you may notice the change in name I use in the title from ‘Windows Azure’ to ‘Microsoft Azure’. This is a change we will be implementing over the next few months as it will take quite a bit of time to rebrand everything. Personally…


Help your Website Survive Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a UK television show which has local versions in over 24 countries including Ireland, similar to Shark Tank in the US. It showcases start-ups and entrepreneurs and allows them to pitch their idea to a panel of Dragons (successful entrepreneurs) and hopefully receive cash in return for an equity stake in the business….


Win a Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone – Ireland Only

Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 are now available for you to download. See how the latest releases provide enterprise-class datacenter and hybrid cloud solutions with new capabilities. To Win a Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone Try the free 180-day evaluations and tell us about your experience on Twitter @IEITPRO. We want…


Deploying SharePoint 2013 on Azure

Over the years I have spent quite a lot of time on customer sites deploying SharePoint solutions. I remember back to SharePoint 2001 which used an exchange information store and web parts were developed using ActiveX controls. Things have come a long way with SharePoint but the ability to utilise cloud either for internet sites…


Allocating Static IP Addresses to your VMs

When deploying a workload to Infrastructure services it’s always a good idea to define a VNET and deploy your VMs within it. The reason for this is that a VNET is the best way to control the internal address ranges for the VMs in each tier of your application. This is done by defining an…


New A8 and A9 instances for Cloud Services

Last week we announced the general availability of two new instances called “compute intensive instances”, A8 and A9, with 8 Cores/56Gb Ram and 16 Cores/112Gb Ram respectively. The maximum costs for the A8 and A9 instances are €1.83 and €3.65 per hour respectively. These instances are currently only available within Cloud Services which means you can deploy your processing code…


Mid January Azure Update

The latest Azure update has a couple of really big announcements: PCI DSS Compliance I remember building a PCI DSS compliant infrastructure in the past and it’s no joke. First off, achieving compliance involves an interrogation of every aspect of how card details travel from a user’s browser to your back end servers and every…


Windows Azure Review of 2013

One of the things I find so exciting about Windows Azure (apart from the challenge of keeping on top of it all) is the rate at which new features are being added. 2013 has seen Azure take a massive jump forward with the general release of infrastructure services opening up the platform to the IT Pro community. We…


Application Development on Azure

One of the best applications of Azure, and specifically Infrastructure Services, is the ability to spin up test environments quickly and easily, image them for future use, use them to system test your software and then shut everything down. I remember the days of waiting weeks to get new environments setup or grappling with the memory on…


Azure Billing Alerts, ACLs and More ..

We have just released some major updates for Azure which solve a couple of problems that I see quite often with customers: Billing Alerts: You can now set alerts on your subscription to send you an email when your billing reaches a certain level. This is often requested as customers are worried that the elastic nature…