Known Issues

This page contains all known issues as well as the current workaround with the most current release of neXpert on Microsoft Download Center. (Version 1.1 )  The goal is to have any issues fixed in a timely manner.

If you think you have found an issue, please use the "Send Feedback..." option in the neXpert menu in Fiddler.

Issue: Installation fails when the user's My Documents directory is located on a network share.
Frequency: Always
Effect: Installation fails
Workaround: Install neXpert on another computer.  Copy the DLL and helpfile from the [UserDocuments]\Fiddler2\Scripts directory to the computer with the issue.
Status on Fix: Investigating....

Issue: Specify Host(s) Latency Exception (Key not found in dictionary) thrown during report creation
Frequency: Random
Effect: Report fails to complete.
Workaround: Save session capture and re-load and run the report. Also you can turn of response time predictions.
Status on Fix: Investigating....

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