Texas Wins FCC Award for Its New Tools That Help People Create Accessible Microsoft Materials

The Texas state government won a national award earlier this month for its new web-based tools that help people create accessible Microsoft 2010 materials, everything from Word documents to PowerPoint demonstrations. 

Texas won one of the Federal Communication Commission’s seven awards for innovations in accessibility communications. It was recognized for creating a set of learning modules on its website “Creating Accessible Microsoft Office 2010 Documents.”

(It) is a free, Web-based set of accessible training modules offering step-by-step instructions for creating captioned videos, MP-3 voice recordings and transcripts in Word and PDF formats. The collaborative effort takes advantage of social media and low-cost technology to teach accessible design of popular electronic document formats in the workplace. -- “FCC Announces Awards for Innovations in Accessibility Communications.” BroadbandBreakfast.com.”

Read more about these new tools at the Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities website.

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