Educational Sessions at CSUN 2012

At the annual CSUN Conference, Microsoft is presenting ten educational sessions and panels related to accessibility.

Here is a look at the session lineup:

Wednesday 2/29

* 1:50pm - Introduction to Windows 8
An overview of Windows 8, the new Metro style, and key accessibility scenarios.This will include a high level introduction to the Windows 8 assistive technologies and approach to accessibility.

* 3pm-6pm - Product Demos  

Thursday 3/1

* 8:00am - Accessible ICTs and Personalized Learning for Students with Disabilities              
UNESCO, in partnership with Microsoft, organized a meeting to facilitate a dialogue on the challenges of technology in the classroom. This panel will be an opportunity to explore the summary report of the event.

* 9:20am - Progress on Article 9 of the CRPD
The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was recently adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. This panel discussion will exploretrends in implementing Article 9 of the Convention next steps for success.

* 10:40am - Introduction to assistive technologies shipping in Windows 8
Come learn about the assistive technologies shipped in Windows 8, their key features, and updates made to them. Experience demos of these in Windows 8. 

* 12noon-2pm - Product Demos                                  

3* :10pm - Kinect-Ability: How Xbox is Working toward Greater Accessibility          
Get a behind-the-scenes look at Kinect for Xbox 360 and learn about efforts to
evolve the product even further, especially for those individuals with unique
physical and sensory needs.

4* :20pm - Explore Kinect for Windows            

Friday 3/2

* 9:20am - Accessibility is the new black   
How have companies like Ikea made beautiful design affordable? What can we learn from them in making web accessibility more accessible to designers and developers?

* 10:40am - Built-in accessibility and end-to-end assurance throughout Windows 8             
Microsoft has provided tools to improve the accessibility ecosystem from development through to testing. Come learn how to use these and how they are used within Windows.

* 12noon-2pm - Product Demos                                  

* 3:10pm - Accessibility in Office 2010              
Learn more about the accessibility features of Office 2010. Including the accessibility checker, Save-as-DAISY, and the Sub-titling add-in for Microsoft Powerpoint.

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