Fix if your “Save As Daisy XML” add-on is NOT bringing up the Daisy translation dialog

When I was at the ICCHP disability research conference a few weeks ago, I met a researcher who is evaluating Daisy as a potential example of universal design. However, she told me that the Office Save As Daisy XML add-on was not working properly on her machine. The install went fine, and the "Save As Daisy" menu option was showing up in Word, but then nothing was happening. I got the solution from the Office team and wanted to post it for her, and for anyone else who may run into this situation.

This problem occurs when some Office files are missing from the computer. These files are the "Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assemblies" (Office PIAs), which are part of Office installation. So, you'll need to reinstall the PIAs.

For Word 2007:


For Word 2003:


For Word XP:


If you have this problem, and reinstalling the PIAs does NOT fix it, let me know! 

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