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This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. “test” “test” 1.Hardcoded settings in conhostv2.dll 2.User’s configured Console defaults, stored as values in ‘HKCU\Console’ 3.Per-Console-application registry settings, stored as sub-keys of ‘HKCU\Console\’ using one of two sub-key names: ◦Console application path (replacing ‘\’ with ‘_’) ◦Console title 4.Windows shortcut (.lnk) files


On the circular path from RAII to crazy-town back to RAII: Thoughts on emulating C#’s using in C++

long description This sample demonstrates data analysis tasks executed using toolbar buttons and menus in Microsoft Office Excel 2007. The data is stored in XML files. In addition, the sample is completely localizable; it demonstrates how to take advantage of System.Resources..::.ResourceManager and managed resource (RESX) files. The code was written to be globalized using culture-switching…


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Function test() { Test; }     fuction test2() { test; }