IT for the economic recalibration

The world has changed, but does this means that customers have eliminated all critical IT projects? Quite the opposite. 18 opportunity areas and why databases continue to be big winners:

a) Reducing Cost. Some organizations cut IT up to 50% while expecting to keep their service levels. Five main projects: Reduce cost per Gb (Data warehousing), Reduce server costs (consolidation), Reduce solution portfolio (ROI), Reduce the number of steps (process integration) or increase transactions/hr (process optimization)

b) Grow the business. Five main projects: Increase customer service quality (data integration), Increase accuracy and response time (reporting and analysis), leverage the customer and partner communities (Social networks), Focus on the right KPIs (performance management) and focus on process visibility (BAM)

c) Help the users increase productivity. Four main projects: Increase customer satisfaction (multi-channel applications), Reduce transaction cost (Legacy wrappers), Increase output (UC/IM/VoIP), Increase developer productivity (ALM)

d) Never-ending regulations. Four clear areas: Management of privacy information (IRM), keeping up with fraud (new payment models), Sustainable manufacturing (green IT) and new national and International standards.

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Why settle for just one project? Approach your customer with a combination of all elements.

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