Coming Home

Looking at the blog history, it has been exactly two years since I last made an entry so it about time for a new update.  Let’s talk about why the team is back and what we are doing. Some months ago at the BUILD conference, Steve Teixeira (Director of Program Management on the IOT team)…


NETMF 4.3: Document Update and Issue Fixing

Thank you for your support. As always, we will continue supporting .NET Micro Framework. Coming soon, we will update the SDK document and fix some critical issues. In the meantime, please migrate your work to version 4.3. Again, we really appreciate your support and warmly welcome any feedback. [NETMF Team]


Opening the .NET MF 3.0 kimono

Psst, hey buddy, if you promise to keep this to yourself, I’ll tell you what we’re working on for .NET Micro Framework v3. We think you’re gonna really like it. Jonathan Kagle just finished his presentation this morning at Tech-Ed in Orlando where he provided a preview of what will be in the next version of .NET…


.NET Gadgeteer

This weekend, Microsoft attended Maker Faire in New York and UbiComp in Copenhagen to demonstrate a really cool technology that has been developed and used by Microsoft Research in Cambridge England.  It is a rapid prototyping system built on the .NET Micro Framework.  There are three additional components (beyond NETMF) to make this a platform…


.NET Micro Framework on top of another OS

One unique thing about the .NET Micro Framework is that it is a .NET virtual machine that runs directly on the metal.  We did this so that it could be as small and performant as possible for the current architecture.   However, there are a number of users who have elected not to run MF on…


NETMF at \Build

There is a lot of news coming from Microsoft’s \\Build conference going on this week.   Much of this is around Windows 10, Office 365, HoloLens, and other large investments.  In the IoT space, the focus is on the announcement of Windows IoT Core (code named Athens) which is the Windows core applied to embedded devices.  Of special…


The .NET Micro Framework Version 4.1 Beta is now available.

This is our first post-Open Source release and includes our first fixes and features contributed by the community.  In addition, there are a number of enhancements done by the NETMF team here at Microsoft and there are new processors available from a new partner. Here is the list of feature changes: 1) VS2010 compatibility, with…


Changing of the Guard

It has been a busy eight months since I rejoined the team to see if I could contribute to getting some wind back in the NETMF sails.   Since then we have started participating in conferences again (Build and Maker Faire among others), we have planned and demo’d major portions of version 4.4 which will be…



It’s been a while since the .NET Micro Framework team has provided an update about the project.  Well the team is here and has been busy gathering feedback from the community, thinking about future direction of the project and at the same time starting to work on some of the base functionality that is currently…


Threads and Thread Priorities in NETMF

I started this article with the objective of providing a more up to date discussion of thread priorities. I thought first that I should cover a little about threads just in case. If you are already conversant in threads, jump ahead to the Thread Priorities section. Threads are a valuable part of the .NET MF…