LLILUM SDK is now available for Visual Studio 2015

We published today the first cut of the Llilum SDK for Visual Studio 2015. The build and installation experience is still a bit cumbersome, but you can now build and debug Llium code entirely in Visual Studio 2015. We also started cleaning up the LLVM bitcode generation by providing a managed wrapper for LLVM3.6.1, fixed a few issues and implemented Gpio support on Windows.Device on top of mBed. Next move it to implement threading with .NET Task and UWP as well. Please check code at Llilum repo.

Comments (1)

  1. Jan Kučera says:

    I am definitely looking forward to try that out! As for the UWP implementation, are there going to be any limitations compared to other platforms running UWP? I am especially aiming my question to script rendering resp. the universal shaping engine…

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