4.4 Beta 2 is here!

We just released 4.4. Beta, please find it on our Github repo.  With this release we provide major improvements in reliability for the lwIP TCP/IP stack as well as lots of bug fixes. Please check our backlog on the older Codeplex issues list, and if you find that any issue you care about has not been fixed yet , please re-open the issue on the Github repo and we will eventually get to it. We do intend to move all active issues to Github, so we appreciate you giving us the right cues.

Next stop is RTM by end of August, or slightly after.

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Lorenzo,

    a job well done and kudos to the team realizing this milestone. Up to the bright future of NetMf.

    Kind regards,


  2. David Bean says:

    Having decided to invest a significant part of our future plans on .NET Micro we are encouraged at the new momentum and see the eventual release of 4.4 as a significant step that will allow us into areas currently out of reach. Lorenzo, to you and the team (and Colin who has "retired") thank you and well done.

  3. Cuno says:

    >if you find that any issue you care about has not been fixed yet , please re-open the issue on the Github repo

    I did 😉 Those that afaik have not yet been addressed.

    Glad about the progress, and especially that you've addressed the most important type of issues, i.e. those related to networking. That's key for NETMF as an IoT platform.

    Now as far as I'm concerned, a number of build and deploy problems are the next-important type of issue, although I hope that some are already fixed in the new beta.

    Thanks and best regards


  4. steveC says:

    That is great news. Many of us Netduino enthusiasts/devs have been waiting for MF love for quite a while…


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