Addressing Codeplex issues

As mentioned in the GitHub announcement, we will be replicating and triaging the issues that are in CodePlex as we move them to GitHub  where we will continue to address them.  We will be looking at the number of votes each issue has to help us prioritize this work so if you have a favorite, make sure you have cast your vote so we know which issues are the most critical for you.



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  1. BitProgress - Martin says:

    Perhaps a stupid question: How do I vote for the most important issues?

    Via issues on "" or?

    Best regards


  2. Colin Miller says:

    Hi Martin,

       at the Issues tab of the Codeplex site (…/basic) you can search to see if your issue(s) is/are already in entered,  Then you can click the 'vote' button next to them.  

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