NETMF 4.4 Beta out on GitHub

There are a number of improvements planned for NETMF 4.4 and one of them is migrating the repository from CodePlex to GitHub.   The new repository can be found at;

In conjunction with the move, we have done some cleaning up.   The binaries have been separated out so the syncing the code is less costly.  The old NETMF versions have not been brought across - only the current working version is on GitHub.   We have cleaned up some of the Hal and PAL configurations.

On the functional side, this release includes the reworked network stack integration that improves the stability of the connections.  This work is dependent on the CMSIS APIs and these libraries are not included in this code and will have to be acquired separately.  In addition, there are improvements in the debugging and deployment functionality and stability.  For example, single stepping and updating the Watch window now takes a fraction of the previous time.  More features are in the works including AllJoyn support and the start of WinRT APIs and VS 2015 support.

These initial betas allow the really intrepid folks to get their hands dirty and see what is coming and uncover any issues with deployment on their hardware.  We'd love to hear your feedback on the code and the GitHub integration.


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  1. Jan Kučera says:

    Hello Colin, that some great news! How does it work with contributing to the GitHub repository?

  2. Punit says:

    Will this version of NetMF work on Intel Galileo?

  3. That's great news! Will you host information like roadmaps, feature requests etc on github as well? It's a bit confusing for me where to find which piece of information (msdn blog, codeplex,

  4. Indul Hassan says:

    Well I got some issues in GitHub integration.

    Can you provide some links regarding the same.

  5. Colin Miller says:

    Jan – Steve is writing up the contribution directions and coding standards and all that.   Expect all this in the next few weeks.

    Punit – nothing has been announced on public support for Galileo

    Indul – Can you provide more background on the issues you are having?

    Tom – Yes – I will try to get better on communication of the roadmap.  The Blog is the other place that I put most of the information out on.

    Keep those cards and letters coming.  

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