NETMF 4.3: Document Update and Issue Fixing

Thank you for your support. As always, we will continue supporting .NET Micro Framework. Coming soon, we will update the SDK document and fix some critical issues. In the meantime, please migrate your work to version 4.3. Again, we really appreciate your support and warmly welcome any feedback. [NETMF Team]

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  1. Rob van Schelven says:

    Dear ShiZhe Jiang,

    Are you willing to share some information about yourself. How are you related to Microsoft and netmf?

    I am sure that many netmf user will appreciate a short introduction about you.

    Best regards,

    Rob van Schelven

  2. ShiZhe Jiang says:

    I'm program manager of NET MF in Microsoft. I'm leading the project to update the SDK document and fix the issues.  Thanks.

  3. Mark says:

    Does this mean that there is an actual full-time team working on NETMF?

  4. Aza says:

    Thanks for this update. What do you exactly mean with 'coming soon': This or next month? Before the end of the year?

  5. Paolo Patierno says:

    Dear ShiZhe Jiang,

    Will you release a .Net MF 4.3 QFE1 ?

  6. Neo Yap says:

    final this blog got update.

    hi ShiZhe we are waiting so long. hope got good new for us.  thank

  7. ShiZhe Jiang says:

    As you asked, we're working on .NET MF 4.3 QFE1.

  8. Paolo Patierno says:

    Thanks ShiZhe Jian !

    I hope new .NET MF 4.3 QFE1 will be released before the end of the year.


  9. Oguz says:

    Microsoft don't abandon netmf like you did with Windows mobile before IPhone so you don't have to blame yourself like 'We had to invest more in netmf now whole world is using raspberry pi and arduino crap'.

    We need more support port WinRT to netmf.

  10. Jianmin says:

    MF was moved to China as a maintenance project.  US dev team is gone.  Not likely to see much future development.

  11. Ninja says:

    What a shame! Third party companies pushing Microsoft technology to the limits, like GHI Electronics or Mountaineer, and a slow and shy response from the Microsoft side, just a maintenance team with no public schedule for development, nor a clear roadmap. Almost a year without updates is not the best message to companies trusting their products on this technology.  Grow NETMF with the community is only possible with Microsoft leading the development team.

    Basic functionality is still missing, like native remote update and true low power modes. Without this, there is no clear horizon for NETMF. Also, a GCC compilation pack with the porting kit will help.

    NETMF can have a brilliant future, but it seems that Microsoft doesn't agree, because they are drowning their own flagship on the low end embedded devices arena. The WinCE vs iOS history is repeating, we are just a couple of years away from ICs able to run NETMF in a very comfortable and easy way (less than a couple US Dollars), and the community is now bending to less powerful but more supported options, like arduinos.

    More commitment Microsoft! There is really a huge market for the embedded small devices, and surely .NET developers will find a new field for their knowledge if the NETMF find its way to this segment, using the Windows well known environment. Now it seems that the big ones are looking at this business. If not, why is Intel building hardware (galileo Quark SoC X1000) to run arduino-like devices? The tablet/Phone revolution will be followed by the small embedded interconnected devices.

  12. CJ Lee says:

    I hope NETMF lives.

    My products are based on NETMF for a while.

    As well as my crews are so used to C# on NETMF.

    I dont't want to let it go like this.

  13. MWek says:

    Here is MSFT making mistakes again, yeah, too late too little. Someone will fill the space, maybe Arduino maybe someone else. There is a huge revolution in internet of things coming, and MSFT will miss the boat again… Browser, search, on line office…

  14. Chris Walker says:

    We have had the opportunity to meet with the .NET Micro Framework (and larger Windows Embedded team) this last year, and we are pretty excited for the work they're doing to push the platform forward alongside the .NETMF community (as the successful open-source collaboration which NETMF has become).

    Ninja–you're absolutely right about prices on microchips now arriving at a point where .NETMF becomes an affordable mass-market runtime: Cortex-M3 chips powerful enough to run .NET Micro Framework costing just a few dollars combined with the power and connectivity of NETMF is pretty awesome.  Quite a few mass-market .NETMF-powered devices will ship in 2014, powered by the latest and greatest .NETMF runtime.

    Looking forward to a great 2014 for both the framework and the community,


    Secret Labs LLC

  15. Dmitry says:

    Damn right, I got it. Microsoft. Good news, yep. That's unbelievable. Loosing platforms and developers, that's the right way. NETMF is a fantastic thing, but now I feel that it is in the trash can.

  16. 3DHDSoft says:

    When NETMF 4.3 QFE1 will be released. This week or next?

  17. Paolo Patierno says:


    three months have passed since the last update by ShiZhe Jiang.

    Are there any news about NETMF 4.3 QFE1 release ?


  18. Sander says:

    I've complete lost faith in .netmf, no updates for almost a year is unheard of for a actively supported component. And yet again, promising a quick release over thee months ago, come on!

  19. Philip Lo says:

    For the .NET MF 4.3 QFE 1 release, I'm wrestling with our legal team to get this update approved for publishing on Codeplex since early December. Seems legal is shuffling people around, and new faces with no history of past .NET MF releases is causing hiccups. Needless to say I'm trying other avenues to jog legal's memory of past releases to get this update approved.

  20. OvS says:

    Hi Philip,

    Is the  .NET MF 4.3 QFE 1 release ready for the first quarter of 2014?

    We cannot continue our project without this release.

  21. Paolo Patierno says:

    What is the role of the legal team that has to approve the release ?


  22. Philip Lo says:

    I'm still pushing on legal. It seems the legal team feels it's necessary to (re)evaluate all the intellectual property for .NET MF despite having been reviewed many times over. I'll keep you all posted. Sorry for the lengthy delay 🙁

  23. 3DHDSoft says:

    Is .NET MF 4.3 QFE1 released immediately after Chinese New Year? Ivan

  24. Paolo Patierno says:

    Hi 3D HD Soft,

    it seems that the problem is legal and it isn't related to the Chinese New Year.

    It is sure that due to this vacation in China, the release will be delayed (in my opinion).


  25. Paolo Patierno says:

    Today….is the big day !!!

    Finally, .Net Micro Framework 4.3 QFE1 was released !

  26. queequac says:

    Waiting so long, but the installer is not compatible with VS2013, argh… :/

  27. Rajesh says:

    On the Codeplex downloads the SDK and the Documentation links point to the same file. Is this correct ?

  28. Frank says:

    The 4.3 RTM QFE1 document link point to SDK, Please modify them!

  29. Turan Keser says:

    teşekkür ederim.

    Turan Keser

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