So you always wanted to be an angel investor was a new one for me.   There are dozens of interesting projects out there from movies to technology to children’s books.  What all these things have in common is that they need grass roots funding.  At they define a funding target and set a deadline to get it.  Then they put together their case and ask you to commit some money towards that target.  The cool thing is that no money is collected unless the target is reached.  This means that you are not risking anything in the case that there are not enough investors.  You can invest at almost any level and the person proposing the project defines exactly what you will get for your money at a number of funding levels.  Pretty cool idea.

How did I stumble across this site?  There is is NETMF board proposal out there from the Shield Store.

The Shield Store currently carries a variety of Netduino boards,  shields, components, tools, and more.  Terry Massey from the Shield Store has decided that there is an opportunity for a low cost, high end NETMF board and he is using to get it going.  You will need to go out to his Kickstarter page at  to see exactly what he is proposing.  I’ll just say that for an investment of $100 + $8 shipping, you could be the first one that you know to get one of these very rich boards.   Check it out. 


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  1. Terry Massey says:

    Colin thanks for the wonderful article.

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