NETMF Version 4.2 Release Candidate 2

We have just posted the second Release Candidate for .NET Micro Framework version 4.2.  We decided to do another release candidate so that we could take a few more features from the community and so that we could get a little more exposure to some fairly esoteric bug fixes.  So, in addition to the stuff that was already in 4.2, the new release includes:

- support for the STM32 family processors form ST Micro.  This port was contributed by Oberon Micro Systems (Cuno Pfister and Beat Heeb).  They have provided ports for the STM32 Stamp and for the MCBSTM32E development board.  EE Times already posted on this. 

- support for transcendental functions in System.Math contributed by Richard Scott.

- Several bug fixes from RC1

If you are not familiar with the term, a release candidate will be the final bits that we go with (ie no further changes are planned) unless there is something that is really broken.  The RC code is available at, Changeset 13011 and the pre-compiled PK and SDK are at

The planned release date is 9/12/2011.  As always, we look forward to your feedback. 

As a footnote, there is a new review of Cuno’s book at ZDNet UK

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  1. M. Abdu-Aguye says:

    Hi, Mr. Miller.

    I've been following your blog and the overall progress of the NETMF keenly. I really love the idea of an open-source VES for Microcontrollers/microprocessors.

    I'm a college student, and, on visiting the Imagine Cup page, you can imagine my surprise when I saw that NETMF is allowed in the Imagine Cup.

    However, I didn't fully get it.

    Could you please explain what that means to me, in a little more detail? That is, with respect to exactly how it ties into the embedded challenge. I've often wondered also whether third-party MCUs such as the PIC and AVR are allowed into the competition. Could you please clarify this for me?


    M. Abdu-Aguye.

  2. Colin Miller says:

    Hello Mr Abdu-Aguye,

        I have not been in contact with the folks for the 2012 Imagine Cup competition so I am not sure what the latest rules are.  They are the ultimate source for that information (  I did notice that the embedded challenge is no longer listed.  I am not sure why that is but that is OK.  When I spoke with the winners of the software design category, they had been initially torn between entering in embedded or software design before opting for the latter. Devices are becoming parts of many more soltuions all the time so a separate embedded category is probably not as meaningful.  


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