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In this latest release of the .NET Micro Framework we have tried to acknowledge some of the great contributions from the community and we will continue to do that.  In addition, there are great contributions happening at our partner’s sites.  There is one set of contributions that I want to point out that may go unnoticed.  There are a number of people working on extensions to the platform that they have elected to put out as separate CodePlex projects and there is some cool and interesting stuff here.  I probably missed some projects but below is what you get by searching for ‘.NET Micro Framework’ on the CodePlex site and filtering the non-NETMF hits.  It is quite and impressive and eclectic set of stuff.  When you have time, run the query yourself and you will be the titles and descriptions as well. 

.NET Micro Framework Toolkit

Nordic nRF24L01+ .NET Micro Framework Driver

MicroLinq : Libraries for .NET Micro Framework

MicroTweet - Twitter OAuth API Library for the .NET Micro Framework

Grommet - A .NET Micro Framework Library

S3C2440 .NET Micro Framework port

.NET Micro Framework - Common Extensions

.NET Micro Framework for Linux

Netduino Emulator

FEZ Hacker port for .NET Micro Framework


FEZopen port for .NET Micro Framework

Managed Driver of C6820 Camera module using .Net Micro Framework

.NET Micro Framework Binary Parsing and Processing Extensions

netduino Helpers

.NET Micro Framework PTP library

μA6281.NET .NET Micro Library for LED Controller Chip


Netduino Library

Micro Framework: MFDeploy with Set/Get mote SKU ID


MFBasic Basic Interpeter


HD44780-compatible Character LCD class

Razor 9DoF AHRS firmware and NETMF drivers


PC/SC Micro





Cycling Training

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  1. Erik Noren says:

    Some of the projects are making their way to the official NuGet Gallery too. Search for NETMF.

    Support for NETMF targets was added to v1.3 and in an upcoming version there should be enhanced support for building NETMF NuGet packages. Using NuGet makes it really easy to use these 3rd party projects.

    Disclosure: I wrote MicroLinq and urged the NuGet team to add NETMF support. I'm also funding the project for enhanced packaging support.

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