.NET Gadgeteer at Maker Faire in NY

If you are not familiar with Maker Faire, I am not sure that I can fully describe it (although I like ‘Science meets Circus’).  We spoke with the founder of the faire and he said the question that he is most commonly asked is ‘what is it?’.  The common theme seems to be people with really creative ideas that want to see them in a tangible, real world implementation.  Anyway, if you read the last blog, you know that Microsoft was there this weekend with the .NET Gadgeteer.  Here are some pictures from our time there. 


We were in the ‘Technology’ tent.

IMG_1246and had a relatively informal setup.  There were tables where we showed the demos that we had created and… 


demo stations where we walked through creating a variety of devices by connected modules and coding them up on the fly for old …


and young.  We had kids as young as about 10 working through what they wanted to plug together and how they could code it up.  We gave over one of the demo stations to someone who wanted to build something on their own (much to their frustration of the young lady with them) and they ended up giving demos of the product for us.  We were given two Maker Faire Editor’s Choice awards for the booth and had a great time.  I have some video as well that I will post on YouTube and update this blog with a pointer in the next few days. 

Comments (2)

  1. is it available? says:

    Hi saw you guys at maker faire,  very cool!

    Is there a kit available that I can start playing with?


  2. Colin Miller says:

    We are working on getting a commercial partner to brign this to market.  Hopefully by Spring.

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