The .NET Micro Framework Version 4.1 Beta is now available.

This is our first post-Open Source release and includes our first fixes and features contributed by the community.  In addition, there are a number of enhancements done by the NETMF team here at Microsoft and there are new processors available from a new partner.

Here is the list of feature changes:

1) VS2010 compatibility, with support for C# express as before.

2) Multi-targeting support for VS2010: from .NET MF 4.1 SDK it is possible to target version3.0 and version 4.0 .NET MF applications as well.  This means that you don't have to migrate your solutions immediately to use the new features of version 4.1 SDK

3)   Improved application diagnostics for code size, available at deployment, and memory requirements, available programatically through Microsoft.SPOT.Reflection.GetAssemblyMemoryInfo()

4) DPWS changes and new samples.  Windows 7 and WCF 4.0 full compatibility and discoverability.  Support for DPWS custom bindings.

5) Hashtable implementation for the standard typein System.Collections.  This feature was contributed by Eric Harlow through the .NET Micro Framework community acknowledging the original idea from Rob Miles and extensive support from Jan Kuฤera. 

6) SPI interface changes for added flexibility and perfromace

7) Support for Big Endian processors - this enables a number of processors that we could not support in the past.  The result is seen in item #11 below.

8) Port for Atmel microcontroller SAM7S256 with 256Kb ROM and 64Kb RAM - this enables some really small applications

9) Basic support for lwIP TCP/IP open source stack: TCP/IP tested, work on this will continue through the beta. The current EBSnet stack will continue to be available and I will write a separate description of how that will look.

10) Basic support for OpenSSL open source stack for SSL: certificate parsing and cryptographic support compiling and tested, work on this will continue through the beta

11) 4 ports for Renesas SH2/A processors and development boards:  SH7216_RSK, SH7264_M3A_HS64, SH7264_RSK, SH7619_EVB

Since Renesas processors are new to our lineup - here is a brief description:


Including SH2A-FPU core @144MHz and on-chip large capacity RAM. It has on-chip abundant connectivity

functions such as Hi-speed USB/SD Host/CAN, and on the top of that it has on-chip peripheral functions

such as display controller suitable for industrial equipments and various communication equipments.


Including SH2A-FPU core @200MHz and on-chip Flash memory.It has on-chip abundant connectivity functions

such as USB/CAN/Ether, and on top of that it has on-chip peripheral functions such as multi-function timer

units for Motor control and 12 bit A/D converters suitable for industrial equipments and various communication

equipments such as office automation and personal computers.


Including SH-2 core @125MHz. It has on-chip Ethernet controller and Ethernet PHY.

It has on-chip host interface fuction suitable for connecting another microcontroller.

Go to and sign up for the .NET Micro Framework 4.1 beta by navigating to it in the listing and clicking on 'Apply Now'.  Please give us your feedback on the Connect site at the version 4.1 Beta newsgroup.

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  1. Mikael Syska says:

    I can't seem to sign up for the beta … is it closed or ?

  2. Colin Miller says:

    The beta is still open.  Can you tell me what kind of problem you are experiencing?

  3. Alex Dresko says:

    I don't see the beta listed on the connect page you posted a link to.

  4. Alex Dresko says:

    Sorry, I found it, but it's not listed as having anything to do with 4.1 on the homepage. I went to and clicked on Downloads to find the download.

  5. Colin Miller says:

    The directory defaults to projects accepting feedback and the default for projects is to not accept feedback.  I am working on getting that changed.  I'm glad you found it.  I'll update the blog.

  6. Jonathan Allen says:

    Where did you find a download link?

  7. Colin Miller says:

    I have gotten some inconsistent results which seem to depend on whether you are already signed in, already a member of the NETMF community, and some things that are not apparent to me.  Let me give you some options and hopefully one will work for you:…/non-feedback will get you to the directory and you can serach for '.NET Micro Framework' or simple sort the entries by the program name whcih brings .NET entries to the top. should get to the .NET Micro Framework program page and you can select 'Download' on the left.

    Let me know if none fo these work.

  8. When I visit ', on the left hand side I only see:

    NET Micro Framework Home



    I cannot see a download link?

  9. Apologies – I have found it now.

    Sign in.

    Click on "View Connect products currently not accepting feedback " on the left

    Apply to .NET Micro Framework Beta

    And Download is listed there ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Mikael Syska says:


    So … now I found this, searched the site before, dont know  what went wrong.

    Now when I apply, and just get this empty page … nothing … is there a delay in the apply process on the servers maybe …

    I get this blank page:…/micro-0.png


  11. Colin Miller says:

    That is a new one.  In the past, it has never taken more than 20 minutes for the files to propogate.  I am assuming that there is some system update in progress that is disrupting normal operation. Especially if blank pages are being served up.  I looked this morning and our page for the program is still there.  I am still waiting for the status page on the file deployment to update.  Please be patient.  

  12. Mikael Syska says:

    Okay … I will wait then ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a presentation on Tuesday, that could be cool if I could make in VS 2010, which I have read .NET MF 4.1 should support.

    But I will key an eye on the page and this blog … .NET to the embedded world rox, instead of C++ ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. Colin Miller says:

    The siles are all showing as available at this point so let me know if there are any persisting access issues.  We want you to do your presentation in VS 2010 as well.  

  14. Mikael Syska says:


    Its working now … I just need to test that my project can compile with 4.1 now.

    Thanks for the help.


  15. Nick Knudson says:

    Any plans to make the port to Atmel SAM3S processor? Or do you have any additional resources on this processor?


  16. Colin Miller says:

    At this point, the SAM3s does not have enough RAM to support the Micro Framework internally.   We need at least 64K.  We also depend on the silicon providers to do the ports so I'd contact your Atmel sales person.  

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