Selecting hardware for your project

The .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) has opened up embedded software development to a large new audience of existing .NET developers.  There are also a number of current embedded software developers who are trying out NETMF for the productivity and flexibility that it provides.  For these groups, the question of what processor to select and what development board to use can be difficult until they have a little more experience with NETMF and the options that are available.  We get asked this frequently enough that I decided to write down some of the guidance that we commonly share when asked.

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  1. FullFeedsPlease says:

    Can you change the feed for this blog so it gives full posts instead of partial ones?  it’s an unfortunate default chosen for (changable per blog) and it results in lots of annoyed developers who can’t read the full posts in their RSS readers 🙂


  2. Colin Miller says:

    I’ll look getting full posts.  I was not aware if the issue.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  

  3. Burak says:

    I am student at university and interested in .net micro framework. I want to make sumo robot with .net micro framework. Can i make sumo robot with .net mf? If, it is possible, which hardware do you offer me?

  4. Colin Miller says:

    Hi Burak,

       You can make a Sumo Robot on several of the boards that are available.  There are two that come to mind.  The SJJ Micro board has some instruction on projects including (I believe) some instruction on a robot.  There is also the GHI FEZ boards.  They actually sell a functional robot on their FEZ module that is about Sumobot size.

    I hope that helps.

  5. ziz says:

    I am using visual studio 2008, i would like to make custom project for symbol hand held scanner which has windows CE, which compact framework should i use for symbol scanner.

  6. Colin Miller says:

    Hi Ziz,

       There are several versions of CE and the Compact Framework available.  I suggest you look at where you will find the experts for that technology.

  7. Steve says:

    You might fix the typo in the article title – hardware

  8. Stan says:


    I would like to share with you that we had successfully port Microsoft .NET Micro Framework to TI Stellaris MCU, an ARM Cortex M3 core MCU.

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