Happy New Year to everyone!!!

 While we were on our Holiday Break, there were things happening in Japan.  In December at the TronShow, Dr. Ken Sakamura introduced a port of the .NET Micro Framework onto the TRON kernel.  Dr Sakamura is, as you know,  most famous as the originator, chief architect, and principle driving force behind the TRON Project.  The port was done by the CORE Corporation (http://www.core.co.jp/english/).  I am very appreciative of the efforts of eveyone in this project.  TRON and the .NET Micro Framework are a great match.

NETMF and T-Kernel

To demonstrate the product, a FrameIt based application was created interfacing the device with the service using the HttpWebRequest();  Below, you can see the application that was demonstrated (complements of Hiroshi Ota in our Tokyo Office).

Frameit Picture  Frameit Interface

I'll provide more information about the availability of this port as I have it.  I look forward to more great things from this opportunity.


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