New Board Out from Avnet and ADI

Sorry to be so quiet recently.  We have all been heads down getting ready for a fun time in L.A. at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference.  If you are there, stop in the booth and come hear Lorenzo's session.  Cool upcoming annoucenments on NETMF.

 But in the meantime,  there is a really cool new board out from a partnership of Avent and Analog Devices(ADI).  Avent ( as you know is a large distributor of electronic parts, enterprise computing, and other things including embedded subsystems.  ADI ( is, of course, the makers of the Blackfin processor which is a convergent device supporting DSP functionality as well as general processing.  The new board is built around the Blackfin 518 processor (400MHz), has plenty of memory, 10/100 Ethernet with IEEE 1588 V2 support, UART, USB, Avnet TFT LCD, and more.  One of the most unique things about the board is the integration of FPGA through the FPGA Mezzanine board.  This supports robust signal processing applications in the target markets of Industrial Automation, Smart Energy Management, Network-enabled Instrumentation, and Test and Measurement equipment. 

Of course, the board comes with .NET MF 4.0 support which was created by Adeneo.

Check out their video at: 

and pick it up at,1719,RID%253D%2526CID%253D0%2526CAT%253D0%2526CCD%253DUSA%2526SID%253D32214%2526DID%253DDF2%2526SRT%253D1%2526LID%253D32232%2526PRT%253D0%2526PVW%253D%2526PNT%253D%2526BID%253DDF2%2526CTP%253DEVK,00.html?new=true


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