Refresh for the Beta version of the .NET Micro Framework 4.0

Following up to your feedback we are providing a refresh for the Beta version of the .NET Micro Framework 4.0. 

Download procedures are as for the Beta and if you already accepted the Microsoft Connect invitations for the Beta PK and SDK, you should not have any access problem, and you should find the newest binaries in the download area on Connect. 

The most important changes are the addition of a new reference port for the Atmel SAM9RL64-EK development board for the SAM9RL64 processor (ARM926-J core) and some fixes for the HTTP(S) support. We also improved the LPC2478 reference port, improved the PK documentation with board specific instructions and provided some more detailed information about the booting strategy with TinyBooter on different reference ports.

We are looking forward to hear from you, please submit your feedback through Microsoft Connect.

Comments (4)

  1. Ray says:

    Awesome to see a refresher this quickly! Only took a quick peek but couldn’t locate the per board instructions where should i be looking for that?

  2. Colin Miller says:


    You need to install the PK, then in doc pages you’ll see the page

    you can actually avod installing the PK and use the build machine installations, e.g.

    \tk3netframbld01BuildsRCTemplate3.1client_v4_0Documentation for the refrsh beta (RC) build or in general

    \tk3netframbld01Builds and  then <build number> and folder client_v4_0_be_PortingKitsTemplate3.1client_v4_0_beDocumentation

    look for the TinyBooter page in rclport.chm (pk help)

  3. Ray says:

    Found it, Thanks! Although browsing microsofts internal servers sounds like fun (bet there’s a ton of interesting stuff to be found 🙂 its not really an option for us mere mortals on the outside 🙂

  4. sunil kumar says:

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