New Hardware

There is some interesting new hardware that is hitting the streets these days and I wanted to take a minute in case you missed some of it.  There are new modules and boards from Device Solutions, AUG Electronics, and GHI Electronics.  I’ll go through them in the order that they came out.  I won’t replicate the spec sheets here – just give you an idea of what they have and a link for you to learn more.



First, the Meridian/P from Device Solutions is the Meridian module in a prototyping package.  This means that you can get to all the Tahoe II functionality but in a package that you can use to mock up your eventual device. Even the headers are the same for portability of any work you did on the full dev board.   The form factor also fits with Schmart Board prototyping systems.                                     


AMI DevKit

Aug-Electronics is building some interesting applications with the Micro Framework for drink dispenser system.  These devices actually run under water.

They have released a development environment as well based on the same Atmel ARM9.  One of the unique things about the kit is that the display is an Active Matrix OLED display.




The most recent release that we have seen is the ChipworkX from GHI Electronics.   This is GHI’s first ARM9 (their previous boards and modules are on one ARM7 by NXP).  They have produced both a module and a rich development board for it.   The dev board boasts a 480x272 4.3" TFT display with touch screen.  Check it out at:

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