NETMF and Energy Management

As we have seen from several of the entries in the Dare to Dream Different contest, there is a lot of interest energy management applications and the use of the Micro Framework in these applications.  It absolutely makes sense since these solutions include a range of elements from small devices for local control of power consumption and UI to back end SQL Server databases and everything in between.  The Micro Framework is an obvious platform for these solutions because it supports the same programming model and tool chain that can be used throughout the solution.  It also has the ability to support very clean UI. 

Well, it is not just in contest where MF meets energy management.  It is already being used by some of our partners in commercial applications.  Here is an example in a Press Release that just came out today - excerpted and translated from German.

"Environment-conscious accommodation is in contrast to comfort and digital living which demonstrate the AMEDIA hotels. They offer first class service, combined with modern communication and entertainment without additional costs. Youngest member of the family is the AMEDIA hotel in Hamburg Ohlsdorf. All guests have free access to high speed Internet access (WLAN) and video on demand in the room and can call free in 48 countries. Another highlight is the in-house HD-TV Studio for worldwide HD-video conferencing, which is also without fee available. All rooms with innovative intuitive use were the first step "room touch controller" on the basis of: NET Micro Framework Microsoft. "" About this touch screen room or technical services, air conditioning heating check and more business processes are controlled. The AMEDIA Hotel Hamburg Ohlsdorf promoted with its 165 rooms to the international first green-all-IP-property, the intelligent IT Technology and combines an ecological energy plan."

The companies involved in this are IVISTAR AG, power economizer GmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute and digitalStrom and AHC International Consulting AG IP Immo but I believe the room controller comes from Power Economizer.  Pretty gool stuff.

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